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FINALLY: A Music Library that fits like a glove to the CINEMATIC FORMAT


Choose an IMPACT KIT and find the right score for your trailer plus SFX, transitions, ambiences and alternative mix STEMS!


Also, you've got the usual cutdown lengths requested by film festivals and most streaming distributors to build your trailer's soundtrack in a breeze!


From Drama to Comedy, Thriller to Documentary. Choose any IMPACT PACK by genre. 


Each pack contains 10 kits! Dozens of tracks and sound design elements to solve your trailer's soundtrack puzzle at a special bang for the buck rate!

For the working video editor "on the go" or the director with multiple projects to pitch for! No more fear of deadlines!

With this whopping IMPACT BUNDLES

 you've got all the bases covered. 

You got literally hundreds of scores and all the sound design elements to solve your trailer's soundtrack at an incredible price!

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