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Welcome to your one-stop Trailer Music Library

     All tracks royalty-free and FULLY LICENSED to perpetuity on ANY MEDIA.

If you need to produce different cuts to promote your film project such as TEASERS, TRAILERS, FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS, REELS FOR FESTIVALS, etc.


How it works

music waveform
IMPACT's loops
Kits divided in three sections
Everything split into loops
Comes with a Full Mix, Stems and SFX.
IMPACT's product folder

Why you'll love Impact

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Fast trailer scoring

You won't need to scroll down for hours to find a track that suits your needs.

Our kits with customizable cues and loopable zones will make it easy for you.

Compatible format

Our kits have a compatible design that lets you build composite tracks

combining cues from different kits fast and easily.

video editing software showing IMPACT's kits
IMPACT Trailer Music Library products

Rates that fit to every budget

You can choose according to your film budget scope.

Whether you need just one kit to a full pack with hundred of tracks!

 IMPACT's Trailer Kit Anatomy

Every IMPACT TRAILER MUSIC LIBRARY KIT is designed to fit the music structure of a trailer: 

Each Score is divided in three distinctive major sections: INTRO, BUILDING and CLIMAX separated by

break points, so you've got those classic "gaps" suitable for acting inserts as well as for flashy titles.

Also each score section comes with A/B loop zones each. So you can easily extend or cut down the score up to the length of your trailer.

Customizable TRAILER ENDING ready to go!

Every CLIMAX section climbs toward a KEY MOMENT that leads to a final STOP,

with a reverb tail followed by a CLOSE BUTTON STING.

 Customizable Mix

Each INTRO, BUILDING and CLIMAX sections are delivered in MAIN FULL MIX (full orchestration)

plus FOUR alternative separate MIX STEMS

So you can easily customize the power of the orchestration up to your trailer's mood:


Stem 1. Perc & Bass

Stem 2. Main Comping 

Stem 3. Padding 

Stem 4. Leads  

 Sound Effects & Audio Elements

Each IMPACT KIT comes also with a different set of  trailer SFX according to the film genre, including:

  • Drones

  • Sweepers

  • Wooshes

  • Risers

  • Downers

  • Hits

  • Braams

  • Athmospheres

  • Soundscapes

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